Allow me to introduce myself

Welcome to Outdoor Productions! Outdoor Production is a creative  production company based in Narvik, Norway by filmmaker Sondre Dahl. I specialize in high quality commercial video production. With my experience within video production I am able to bring your needs to life. Whether its action sports, real estate, events or whatever it is, I`ve got you covered! The reason that you should use video as your main advertisement source, is because it gives the most amount of information in a short amount of time. And in the time we live in today, people would probably prefer to watch a short and entertaining video rather than reading a page of text.

What can i offer

I specialise in emotive filmmaking, delivering the full package of production and services. For instance, a commercial video made for your business, events like festivals and weddings. Real estate, action sports (skiing, biking etc). In addition to that i can also offer photography. We can discuss your idea over email or text message. You can find my number and email on the “contact me” tab or you can scroll down.

My work

These are some of the videos I have created. Feel free to check them out! If you are interested in working with me, send me an email at or text me at +47 48085241

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Tell me all about your project. Can`t wait to hear from you!
If you have any questions or an awesome idea you want to talk about, don`t hesitate to contact me.

Tlf: +47 480 85 241


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